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RisingSun Nanofiltration Membrane Product Introduction
- Jun 14, 2018 -

RisingSun nanofiltration membrane product introduction

1. Product introduction: Nanofiltration membrane molecular weight cut-off between reverse osmosis membrane and ultrafiltration membrane, about 200-800 Daltons. Retention characteristics: preferential retention of divalent and polyvalent anions, and the rejection of monovalent ions is related to the concentration and composition of the feed solution. Nanofiltration is generally used to remove organic matter and pigments in surface water, hardness in groundwater and partially remove dissolved salts, and is used for the extraction and concentration of substances in the production of food and biopharmaceuticals. The operating pressure of the nanofiltration membrane is generally 3.5-30 bar.

2. Nanofiltration membrane material: polyamide, sulfonated polyether sulfone, sulfonated polysulfone.

3. Advantages: high thermal and chemical stability

   Import raw materials to ensure high quality

   Simple replacement of membrane modules

   Various sizes of membrane elements are available

   The membrane core packing density is high, and the unit membrane area cost is low

   No dead angle design, not easy to pollute

4. Application: Clarification of fermentation broths in pharmaceuticals and bioengineering

   Clarification of biochemical lysates

   Suspended material removal

   MBR sewage treatment

   RO/NF preprocessing

RisingSun membrane offers a variety of fine molecular weight cut-off nanofiltration membrane elements that are compact and have a reasonable surface area/volume ratio. Through the use of different flow channel networks, (13-120 mil) can change the width of the material liquid flow channel to adapt to a variety of viscosity of the liquid. In order to meet the application of certain special industries, we can provide acid, alkali, high temperature, anti-pollution film products.