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Disc Type High Pressure Membrane (DTRO/DTNF) Introduction
- Jun 11, 2018 -

Disc type high pressure membrane (DTRO/DTNF) Introduction

Disc-type membrane technology, abbreviated as DT, is commonly known as dish-type reverse osmosis (DTRO) and dish-and-tube type nanofiltration (DTNF). Today, we mainly talk about disc-type reverse osmosis DTRO. Its membrane module construction is very different from conventional roll membranes. DT uses an open flow path. The feed liquid enters the pressure vessel through the inlet. The liquid to be treated flows into the flow plate at the shortest distance, reverses 180 degrees from one side of the membrane to the other side of the membrane, enters the next flow plate, and finally, from Outflow. This special design allows the liquid to flow through the surface of the membrane and collide with the plate surface bumps to create turbulence, increase the transmission rate and self-cleaning function, and extend the service life of the membrane.

 DTRO, the selective osmosis function is the core function of membrane separation, and can selectively separate various components in the mixture. The driving force is the main pressure of the membrane separation method. In the process of separation, there will not be a large number of changes in thermal energy. Therefore, it is relatively energy-efficient and can be continuously operated and automatically optimized. Of course, the membrane is also an important component in the membrane separation technology, and the membrane performance is also constrained by some factors of the membrane itself. For example, the pretreatment function and the operation and maintenance of the later system, it is more important to select and set the membrane according to the water quality and later use. It can be said that the membrane separation technology is a more advanced concentration method and separation and purification. Compared with the traditional process operation, the difference is that the physical process is the main process of the membrane treatment, no phase change, no room temperature operation, strong selectivity, no chemical Change, strong adaptability. Abandon the traditional large area, serious pollution problems, high energy consumption, cumbersome operation and difficult to control the characteristics of automation.


High-strength, high-pressure design, can withstand up to 120bar pressure.

Open deflector disc reduces flow resistance and concentration polarization.

High pressure, high retention rate diaphragm.


Landfill leachate

High concentration industrial wastewater

Roll RO/NF concentrate

Industrial brine

DTRO membrane assembly includes

DTRO diaphragm


SUS center lever

High pressure vessel

Inlet and outlet pipes and fittings