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Application Of DTRO Membrane Separation Technology In Seawater Desalination
- Jun 13, 2018 -

Application of DTRO membrane separation technology in seawater desalination

With the deterioration of environmental problems, water resources are becoming increasingly scarce, especially freshwater resources. In water resources, seawater is a very important part of it. 

Strengthening the rational use of seawater can effectively alleviate the crisis faced by our freshwater resources. From the perspective of seawater desalination, membrane technology has also been successfully implemented in this area. 

There are three main membrane technologies used: electroosmosis, membrane distillation, and reverse osmosis. First, in the seawater desalination technology, the permeation membrane technology is used to achieve a salt rejection rate of 99.6%. 

From the perspective of reverse osmosis technology, its application can greatly reduce the cost of seawater desalination. Compared with other methods, it requires the least cost and is the most economical technology. The second is the analysis from electrodialysis technology, which can directly dilute sea water into drinking water. However, it requires a lot of electricity, and the water recovery rate is very low. Therefore, after the emergence of reverse osmosis seawater technology, electrodialysis has shown a gradual decline as it is obviously superior to electricity. Third, from the point of view of membrane distillation technology, the desalination rate is very high and can be as high as 99.7%.