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Application Of DTRO Membrane Separation Technology In Water Treatment
- Jun 11, 2018 -

Application of DTRO Membrane Separation Technology in Water Treatment

Application in sewage and wastewater treatment:

With the development of urbanization, urban water resources are increasingly strained. In order to effectively alleviate water pollution, sewage treatment technology has rapidly developed. From the urban sewage point of view, mainly composed of two parts, namely industrial wastewater and domestic sewage. Judging from the methods currently used, the main method is to use biological methods for centralized treatment, so that the sewage can be improved through treatment and meet the emission standards. In the sewage treatment, in addition to the centralized treatment method, some scattered pollution points can also be treated to achieve effective utilization of the sewage. The use of point-to-point polluted sewage treatment can not only greatly reduce the pressure of centralized treatment, but also ensure the quality of water treated in a centralized manner. If traditional processes are used to treat sewage or wastewater, the water quality standards of the treated water reuse and the water quality of the re-use water treated by the membrane technology are different. The treatment of sewage and wastewater through membrane technology can realize the recycling of water resources, can effectively ease the contradiction between supply and demand, and can greatly reduce the pollution, which also has a powerful role in promoting the environmental protection industry. From the perspective of current wastewater reuse, a large number of practices have been implemented in municipal water, irrigation water and industrial cooling water, and certain economic and social benefits have also been achieved. In particular, the environmental benefits are very prominent. From the viewpoint of submerged membrane bioreactors, it has achieved relatively good results in the reuse treatment of domestic sewage, pharmaceutical industrial wastewater, food industry wastewater, etc.; from the perspective of ultrafiltration, it is mainly for the electrophoretic paint and coating industry. Recovery of washing water, ultrafiltration treatment of textile industry and printing and dyeing industry in the desizing waste water and printing and dyeing wastewater return to the sizing system and printing and dyeing system reuse, with significant results, is an ideal treatment technology.