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What Are The Rules Of Impurity Distribution In The Filter Layer
- Jun 21, 2018 -

What are the rules of impurity distribution in the filter layer

The distribution law of impurities in the filter layer: In the beginning of the filtration, the filter material is relatively clean, the pores are also larger, the water flow shear force is smaller, and the adhesion is stronger. At this time, the water particles are first intercepted by the surface layer filter material, with Prolonged filtration time, increased impurities in the filter layer, porosity gradually decreased, especially the surface fine filter material, the shear force of the water flow increases, the shedding effect increases, and finally the adhered particles first fall off and move downward and are filtered by the lower layer. Material interception.

The result is: under a certain filtration head, the filtration rate will be drastically reduced, or the head loss will reach a limit value at a certain filtration rate, or a large amount of cracks will occur when the mud layer is cracked due to uneven force on the surface of the filter layer. The flow of water out of the cracks causes the particles in the water to penetrate the filter layer and deteriorate the water quality.