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RisingSun-MBR Membrane Bioreactor Technology Features
- Jun 19, 2018 -

RisingSun-MBR membrane bioreactor technology features

SUN's flat membrane is made of PVDF material, which has better chemical stability, anti-pollution and mechanical strength.

The board adopts helium coordination, the diaphragm spacing is more stable, and no side board is required.

Petrochemical sewage features:

· contains a large number of toxic compounds (such as oils, phenols, amines, ethers, cyanide and sulfur compounds, etc.);

· Contains hard-to-degrade pollutants (such as toluene, xylene olefins, alkanes, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, monocyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and their derivatives, etc.);

• The biodegradability is poor, and the conventional biochemical process is used to treat the waste water, which has the disadvantages of widespread ammonia nitrogen removal, poor oil removal, and weak impact load capacity.

· There is a certain degree of impact load, which is very unfavorable to the stable operation of the biochemical treatment system.

Through the practical application of membrane bioreactor technology in petrochemical wastewater treatment and reuse, it can be clearly seen that membrane bioreactors are used after effectively solving the technical problems of high biological activity stability, membrane flux maintenance, and amplification effects. The technology (using the UE-MBR technology as an example) to treat petrochemical wastewater can effectively degrade organic pollutants and other nutrients in water. It has the characteristics of strong anti-shock load capability, high biological treatment efficiency, and small footprint. The effluent can be used directly for cooling the circulating water system or for the pre-treatment influent water such as sodium filtration or reverse osmosis, which reduces the pollutant discharge, improves the reuse rate of the wastewater, and ensures the safety of the reuse system. It is very important for other similar industrial sewage treatment and reuse. It is worthy of great research and promotion. To a certain extent, membrane bioreactor technology comes from the traditional sewage biological treatment process, but it has reached the level that traditional sewage biological treatment technology is difficult to achieve. Therefore, we have reason to believe that membrane bioreactor technology can perform better or be completed as long as it is a conventional biological treatment technology that can process wastewater. Of course, membrane bioreactor technology is not a panacea. In its use, it must be targeted with the traditional sewage pretreatment, and other processing methods to organically combine in order to maximize the effectiveness of its implementation. Large-scale engineering applications of membrane bioreactor technology.