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MBR Membrane Bioreactor Module Series
- Jun 15, 2018 -

MBR membrane bioreactor module series

The MBR membrane bioreactor module series has the advantages of compact structure, beautiful appearance, small footprint, low operating cost, stable and reliable, high degree of automation, and easy maintenance and operation. The effluent quality of MBR sewage treatment is better than that of the medium water quality standard. With the unique MBR flat film technology, it overcomes many shortcomings of the general hollow fiber membranes and is the international advanced wastewater treatment equipment. MBR Membrane Bioreactor series membrane modules have formed a standardized series of products, each component consists of 50-150 standard flat diaphragms, RisingSun membrnane Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. can be individually designed to meet the needs of users to meet User needs.



·Upgrading and renovating existing sewage treatment plants and waterworks;

· Newly built municipal sewage treatment plant and water plant;

High-concentration organic wastewater treatment;

·Pure water production pretreatment;

·Water reuse;

Application scope:

· Municipal life;

· Hospital wastewater;

·Washing wastewater;

·Industrial waste;

·Food waste water;

The main advantage:

MBR membrane bioreactor has the following outstanding advantages in the application of MBR wastewater treatment and MBR water reuse engineering:

1. The quality of effluent from MBR is high and it is not affected by fluctuations in water quality.

2, under the area.

3. Activated sludge has a longer sludge age and less sludge emissions.

4, save operating costs.

5, easy to replace.