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Industrial Waste Water Treatment MBR Membrane Bioreactor

Industrial Waste Water Treatment MBR Membrane Bioreactor

Our flat sheet membrane is made of PVDF, which has better chemical stability, fouling resistance and mechanical strength.

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With the improvement of wastewater discharge standards and the decrease of membrane cost and energy consumption, the MBR process has been enjoying rapid development due to its excellent effluent quality, direct reuse and land saving. The "Water Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan" is about to be released, will leveraging 2 trillion water market investment, the market fundamentals or usher in a substantial change, MBR as the current fastest growing technology will undoubtedly bring Great opportunity for development. At the same time, due to its large-scale application in urban sewage treatment has just started, the existing urban sewage MBR system, combined with related engineering experience, based on the study of successful cases and technical specifications at home and abroad, summed up the urban sewage treatment project MBR technology Biochemical system design of key technologies is necessary.

MBR membrane plate specifications:


Standard type



Size (L×W×T) (mm)


Membrane effective area  (m2)


Weight (kg)


Permeate flux[l  /( pc·d )]


Membrane material


Membrane pore size(μm)


Plate material


Air flow rate[l  /( min·pc )]

≥ 10



Output turbidity (NTU)

<  1.0

Output SS (mg/l)

≤ 5.0

Chemical cleaning

~  5,000mg/l NaClO

Note: For different water quality, there will be a different water flow rate. So the user should fully test the membrane module. This parameter is tested at 25 ℃ , -10KPa suction vacuum conditions based on municipal wastewater.

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