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Membrane Treatment Technology To Treat Oily Wastewater
- May 29, 2018 -

Membrane treatment technology to treat oily wastewater

In the oil collection process, a large amount of sewage that exceeds the national emission standards is often generated, and the oil content is as high as 100-1000 mg/L. Such wastewater must be properly treated before it can be discharged. Traditional oily wastewater treatment technologies such as grease trap technology, air flotation technology, and biochemical treatment technology cannot achieve ideal treatment results because of high cost or low processing efficiency. Membrane treatment technology has been used in oily wastewater treatment for decades of practice. Liu Fuqiong once used hollow fiber membranes to treat oily wastewater, and has been able to control the oil content in the sewage within the national emission standards. In the 1980s, folded filter cartridges were used to treat oily wastewater, which also has good treatment effect; UF and MF's hollow fiber is a membrane treatment medium used for treating oily wastewater in recent years. Li Yongfa uses hollow fiber UF to treat oily wastewater, which can reduce the oil content in the wastewater to a lower level, but due to the hollow fiber UF treatment. Low efficiency, unstable water quality, and the film itself are easily contaminated, so its large-scale application in water treatment is limited.