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Spiral Wound Ultrafiltration Membranes
- Aug 15, 2017 -

Basic Info

·        Model NO.:SS(G)-UE(S,F,N,C,R)

·        Brand:OEM/RisingSun

·        Origin:Beijing, China

Product Description

RisingSun supply spiral UF membrane with a wide variety of membrane material and MWCO. They have a compact design and an optimum surface area to volume ratio.The feeed channel height can be varied by the thickness of the feed spacer material(from 13 to 120mil) This helps to adapt the viscosity or the solids content of the liquid. This design feature leads to excellent hydrodynamics in combination with low energy demand. To meet some specialty applications, acid/caustic resistant, fouling resistant or high temperature membrane products are available.

Advantage of parallel / corrugated
-High thermal and chemical resistance

-Imported high quality raw material

-Sanitary design without dead space, high resistance to fouling

-Simple and economic moudule replacement

-Various choices of module dimensions

-High packing density

Standard diamond feed spacer thickness: 32 mil, 47 mil, 65 mil, 80 mil, 100 mil
Parallel/corrugated feed spacer thickness: 31 mil, 47 mil, 120 mil


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