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Ultrafiltration Membrane Filter
- Dec 22, 2016 -

Super filter film screening process, to film sides of pressure poor for drive force, to Super filter film for filter media, in must of pressure Xia, dang dope through film surface Shi, Super filter film surface clouds of many small of micro-hole only allows water and the small molecular material through and became through liquid, and dope in the volume is greater than film surface micro-aperture of material is was interception in film of into liquid side, became concentrated liquid, thus achieved on dope of purification, and separation and concentrated of purpose. Each meters long of Super filter film silk tube wall Shang about has 6 billion a 0.01 Micron of micro-hole, its aperture only allows water molecular, and water in the of useful minerals and trace elements through, and minimum bacteria of volume are in 0.02 Micron above, so bacteria and than bacteria volume big have more of colloidal, and rust, and suspended real, and sediment, and macromolecules organic, are can was super filter film interception down, to achieved has purification process.