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MBR Membrane Technology Medical Wastewater Treatment Process
- Dec 21, 2017 -

         MBR membrane technology medical wastewater treatment process

      MBR Membrane Technology Sewage treatment plant is one of the most promising processes in wastewater treatment and reuse processes in recent years. Due to the efficient separation of membrane, the separation effect is far better than that of traditional sedimentation tanks, treating effluent and its clear and suspended Nearly zero in the matter and turbidity, bacteria and viruses were substantially removed, effluent quality is better than the miscellaneous water quality standards issued by the Ministry of Construction (CJ25.1-89), can be directly used as drinking municipal miscellaneous water recycling.

    RisingSun MBR membrane can effectively use microorganisms to degrade and remove COD and BOD5 in water to kill a large number of bacteria and viruses. The membrane can be reused to filter the suspended substances and water-soluble macromolecules by sex. The effluent quality is clear. The water quality indexes such as turbidity Can be reduced to about 0.1 NTU. MBR membrane technology can reduce the suspended solids in the effluent, reduce the dosage of disinfectant in the subsequent sterilizing unit, reduce the production of sludge and aerosol, which has great potential in the field of hospital sewage treatment.

       Disinfection effect is good, the ammonia nitrogen in water has a high removal rate, experimental research shows that the ammonia nitrogen removal rate reaches more than 90%, and the RisingSun MBR membrane bioreactor has a strong anti-impact water load capacity. In the case of complex operating conditions, MBR activated sludge process than the ability to remove organic matter stronger than the activated sludge method, the water quality is more stable and good, the ability to achieve complete separation of hydraulic retention time and mud age.

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