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RisingSun MBR Membrane Module In Wastewater Treatment Of Kitchen Waste Application
- Dec 26, 2017 -

RisingSun MBR membrane module in Wastewater Treatment of Kitchen Waste Application

Food waste with a significant hazard and the dual nature of resources, which can be summarized as:

⑴ high moisture content, up to 80% - 95%.

⑵ high salt content, in some areas with peppers, acetic acid high.

⑶ high organic content, protein, cellulose, starch, fat and so on.

⑷ rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and trace elements.

⑸ existence of pathogens, pathogenic microorganisms.

⑹ perishable, degenerate, smelly, breeding mosquitoes.

RisingSun MBR kitchen waste water integrated equipment Description:

RisingSun MBR is a new wastewater treatment plant that combines ultra- and microfiltration membrane separation technologies with bioreactors in wastewater treatment. This reactor combines the benefits of membrane and bioprocessing technologies. Ultra, microfiltration membrane module as a drowning unit, can completely replace the secondary sedimentation tank. Compared with the traditional process, this membrane and biochemical reactions combine MBR process has obvious advantages.


RisingSun's flat sheet membranes are made of PVDF for better chemical stability, stain resistance and mechanical strength. The company uses advanced membrane technology, membrane pore size control in 0.1um, and have a higher production flux and effluent quality. Board with mortise and tenon match, the diaphragm spacing is more stable, without the side plate. Diaphragm installation, can be installed from the top down, can also be installed from the side, not subject to construction site conditions.


Product advantages:

MBR effluent quality is high, not affected by fluctuations in influent water quality.

Small footprint

Sludge activated sludge longer, sludge emissions less

Save operating costs

Easy to change