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UF Membrane For Electro-Coating (SEG-UF-8040)
- Aug 15, 2017 -

Product Detail

·        Model NO.:SEG-UF-8040

·        Maximum Inlet Pressure:65 psi (4.4 bar)

·        Recommended Inlet Pressure:44-60 psi (3.0-4.1 bar)

·        Recommended Outlet Pressure:15-40 psi (1.0-2.7 bar)

·        Maximum Operating Temperature:122°F (50°C)

·        Allowable pH – Continuous Operation:2.0-10.0

·        Allowable pH – Short Term Cleaning: 2.0-11.5@50, 30min

Product Description

RisingSun membrane was founded in 2000s, and have more than 15 years experience. Now the customer are around of the world.

RisingSun membrane has fiberglass wrapped element and net outer wrapped. SEG-UF-4040;SEG-UF-7640;SEG-UF-8040 are our standard product. Besides, we can do custom-built models as your requirements.


SEP-UF-8040 is the membrane element that housing and membrane are combined together, it can replace KOCH 8638M-183-LPP percfectly.

SEG-UF-8040 Completed.jpg