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Medical Wastewater Treatment MBR Membrane Product Features
- Aug 31, 2018 -

1. Due to the separation of the membrane, it is not necessary to establish other solid-liquid separation equipment such as sedimentation and filtration. Efficient solid-liquid separation separates the suspended matter, colloidal substances, and microbial flora lost in biological units from the purified water, and can be directly reused without tertiary treatment. Investment costs are low.

2. The biomass in the biological treatment unit can be maintained at a high concentration, the volume load is greatly increased, and the high efficiency of membrane separation greatly shortens the hydraulic retention time of the treatment unit and reduces the footprint of the bioreactor. The system occupies only one-third of the traditional method.

3. Membrane bioreactor can filter out harmful substances such as bacteria and viruses, which can significantly save the long-term operation cost brought by dosing and disinfection and expand the scope of wastewater reuse.

4. The high-efficiency interception of the membrane allows the microorganisms to be completely trapped in the reactor, achieving complete separation of the reactor hydraulic retention time (HRT) and sludge age (STR), and the operation control is flexible and stable.

5. Prevent the loss of various microbial flora, which is conducive to the growth of slow-growing bacteria (nitrifying bacteria, etc.), making the residence time of some macromolecules difficult to degrade organic matter longer, which is beneficial to their decomposition, thus making each system The metabolic process proceeded smoothly. The system has strong impact resistance and wide adaptability.

6. The biological sludge in the membrane bioreactor can achieve dynamic balance during operation, almost no excess sludge discharge, and low sludge treatment cost.

7. No backwashing, simple process and easy integration. The unique operation mode makes the membrane surface not easy to be clogged, the film washing time is long, and the film washing method is simple and easy, so that the energy consumption required for water treatment is very low.