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MBR Wastewater Treatment
- Sep 05, 2018 -

      The high concentration of MBR integrated sewage treatment equipment means that the wastewater contains more organic matter, which is characterized by a higher COD value, often exceeding 10,000. For such wastewater, relying solely on aerobic biological treatment is not able to achieve standard discharge. High ammonia nitrogen means that the water contains high NH4+, which has a very strong inhibitory effect on anaerobic methanogenesis. Refractory refers to the fact that there are fewer components in wastewater that can be directly used by microorganisms, and the B/C value is low. It is not suitable for biochemical treatment, and it is often necessary to carry out pretreatment to improve its biochemical properties. After many years of research, water treatment workers have matured processes for treating industrial wastewater with the above characteristics. However, with the production of industrial production and the diversification of products, the current industrial wastewater often has the above three characteristics. The original mature treatment process is far from meeting the requirements for the discharge of such wastewater. At the same time, the public's awareness of environmental protection continues to increase, the country is paying more and more attention to environmental issues, and the laws and regulations are becoming more stringent. The existence of such wastewater is sufficient for the development and growth of an enterprise and becomes the bottleneck for the development of every enterprise facing such problems. In response to the water quality characteristics of such industrial wastewater, the company relies on biological treatment methods, using the newly developed sewage treatment technology, and has conducted several on-site experiments on high-concentration, high-nitrogen nitrogen-refractory industrial wastewater from different industries. With success, the relevant pollution control technology has been verified in practice. The technology is suitable for pharmaceutical factory sewage, chemical plant sewage, hospital sewage, slaughterhouse sewage, paper mill sewage, printing and dyeing plant sewage, tannery wastewater, etc., and can be optimized according to the characteristics of different industries and water quality conditions to achieve the most Good processing effect. Compared with the traditional treatment process, it has high technical and technological content, high input-output ratio, short construction time, quick effect, small floor space and remarkable actual operation effect.