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DTRO Membrane Water Degassing And PH Adjustment
- Aug 31, 2018 -

DTRO membrane water degassing and pH adjustment

Since the high-concentration wastewater contains a certain dissolved gas, and the reverse osmosis membrane can remove the dissolved ions and cannot remove the dissolved gas, the pH of the reverse osmosis membrane water production may be slightly lower than the discharge requirement. After the degassing tower removes the acid gas dissolved in the permeate, the pH value can rise significantly. If the pH value of the clean water after the degassing tower is still lower than the discharge requirement, the system will automatically add a small amount of alkali to adjust the pH value to discharge. Claim. Since the effluent is degassed by the degassing tower, it is only necessary to add a small amount of lye to achieve the discharge requirement.

The pH of the effluent is adjusted in the water tank. The pH sensor is installed in the water discharge pipe. The PLC determines the pH value of the water and automatically adjusts the frequency of the metering pump to adjust the amount of alkali added. Finally, the pH value of the drain water reaches the discharge requirement.