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Precautions Before Operation Of MBR Membrane Module
- Aug 28, 2018 -

Precautions before operation of MBR membrane module

Check and set

  A. First of all, we must confirm the correct connection of the sewage pipe and the air pipe (the connection error is corrected in time);

  B. Confirm that the MBR membrane module has been firmly fixed on the aeration tank;

  C. Confirm that the reaction cell installed in the MBR membrane module has been cleaned to avoid a certain degree of damage to the membrane module caused by dust, dirt, etc.

  D. Open the air discharge valve before putting the clean water into the reaction tank, so that the air in the MBR membrane module is completely discharged;

  E. Put the water or tap water to be treated to the normal water level;

  F. After the waterproofing is completed, the air discharge valve can be closed.