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Prospect Analysis Of Ultrafiltration Technology
- Aug 29, 2018 -

      The application of ultrafiltration membrane technology in the three fields of MBR, seawater desalination pretreatment and wastewater reuse is basically equally divided, each occupying a market share of about 20%. However, in China, ultrafiltration membranes now occupy a larger market share in the field of wastewater reuse. In the domestic water industry market, ultrafiltration technology has been widely used in industrial wastewater treatment fields such as electricity, steel, and chemicals. With the economic and social development, large-scale wastewater treatment projects will be more and more, opening up a broad market space for ultrafiltration membrane technology. In recent years, China has entered a period of severe water shortage, and water pollution has gradually become the biggest obstacle to the safe water supply in China. Urban domestic sewage treatment and reuse of water will become one of the effective ways to solve the future urban water crisis. Therefore, ultrafiltration membranes will have a broad market space in the future municipal wastewater treatment market.

     With the development of membrane technology and the gradual reduction of membrane prices, the use of ultrafiltration technology to replace traditional deep processing units to a certain extent has gradually become a reality. However, there is still a need to invest more manpower and financial resources in the independent research and development of membrane modules and membrane systems. By developing new processes to solve the problems of ultra-filtration membranes requiring more stringent raw water quality requirements during operation, and shortening membrane service life caused by membrane fouling, increasing membrane varieties, improving process design, system complete sets of capabilities, and improving industrialization of membrane technology applications. The degree and strict control of process parameters. In this way, the ultrafiltration membrane technology can be more widely developed in the process of drinking water treatment, and the effluent quality of drinking water treatment can be further improved.