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What Is The Difference Between Reverse Osmosis And Ultrafiltration?
- Sep 05, 2018 -

1. Reverse osmosis, also known as reverse osmosis, is a membrane separation operation in which the solvent is separated from the solution by pressure difference as the driving force. Reverse osmosis is called reverse osmosis because it is opposite to the direction of natural osmosis (the osmotic pressure of liquid with high concentration in natural state is higher than that of liquid with low concentration, and water tends to enter into water with low concentration from high concentration through membrane). The operating pressure (2~10) MPa requires a very high energy. The ions are separated. Reverse osmosis membrane has special physical and chemical properties. In strict sense, it does not belong to physical separation.

Ultrafiltration, with a pore size of about (0.001-0.1) um, can separate proteins, colloids, bacteria and so on. The required operating pressure is about 0.1MPa. It belongs to physical separation.

2. the components and operation of the machine are different:

The reverse osmosis machine has a booster pump, requires power supply, and has a water storage tank, usually five levels of filtration. The first stage is the filter, the second and third stages are activated carbon, the fourth stage is RO reverse osmosis membrane for aerospace technology, the fifth stage is fine activated carbon, mainly used to improve the taste.

Ultrafiltration machine has no motor, does not need power supply, rely on water pressure to drive filtration, most of the use of stainless steel pipe for the fuselage, stainless steel material resistance to high temperature, corrosion, more adaptable to environmental temperature changes.

3. functional differences:

The application scope of reverse osmosis membranes: power, petrochemical, iron and steel, electronics, medicine, food and beverage, municipal and environmental protection, desalination of seawater and brackish water, preparation of boiler feed water, industrial pure water and electronic ultra-pure water, production of drinking pure water, wastewater treatment and special separation process play an important role.

Ultrafiltration membrane applications: pure water and ultrapure water preparation process as reverse osmosis pretreatment and ultrapure water terminal treatment; industrial water for the separation of bacteria, heat sources, colloids, suspended impurities and macromolecular organic matter; drinking water, mineral water purification; fermentation, enzyme preparation industry, pharmaceutical industry concentration, purification and clarification; Fruit juice concentration and separation; Soybean, dairy, sugar industry, liquor, tea juice, vinegar and other separation, concentration and clarification; Industrial wastewater treatment and domestic sewage purification and recovery; Electrophoretic paint recovery.