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Influencing Factors Of Nanoparticles Removing Naproxen From Trace Drugs In Water
- Mar 05, 2018 -

Influencing factors of nanoparticles removing naproxen from trace drugs in water

Taking naproxen (NAP), an anti-inflammatory and analgesic drug often exposed to water, as the research object, the effects of pH, ionic strength (expressed as Ca2 + concentration), coexisting humic acid concentration, operating pressure and temperature on the removal of nanofiltration membrane NAP performance. 

It is found that the increase of solution pH, ionic strength or humic acid concentration can improve the NAP removal efficiency of nanofiltration membrane, and the increase of operating pressure decreases the removal rate of NAP. When the solution temperature The results showed that the removal efficiency of NAP was between 83.9% and 96.2% under all experimental conditions, indicating that the nanofiltration membrane separation process was An effective method to remove trace amounts of NAP in drinking water is analyzed.

 It is considered that electrostatic repulsion and screening are the main mechanisms for the removal of NAP by nanofiltration.