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Nanofiltration Membrane As A Reverse Osmosis Desalination Pretreatment
- Mar 05, 2018 -

Nanofiltration membrane as a reverse osmosis desalination pretreatment

In order to choose the nanofiltration membrane which is suitable for seawater softening, the main ions of NF270, ESNA, DK and other well-known brands nanofiltration membrane in seawater were tested under the simulated conditions of Bohai Sea water. 

The results show that NF270 and ESNA nanofiltration membranes have low bivalent ion rejection and can not effectively separate primary and secondary ions. However, DK membranes can effectively separate high-valent ions and low-valent ions in seawater. Its ion retention rate of divalent ions reached more than 92%, monovalent ion rejection rate below 30%, total dissolved solids (TDS) removal rate of about 38%. The film can effectively reduce the risk of desalination and desalination of seawater and improve the recovery rate of the system, and is suitable for pretreatment of reverse osmosis desalination.