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Wastewater Commissioning Guides-Part 2
- Mar 13, 2018 -

Wastewater commissioning guides-Part 2

3. Can MLSS be measured by suspended substance method?

Answer: MLSS is only a very rough indication of the amount of micro-organisms in the sludge, of course, can not be measured by the method of suspended solids, because MLSS includes fixed solid and volatile solid two categories, fixed solids are inorganic, volatile solids are organic + microbes, if Determined by suspension method. Some dissolved organic matter and free bacteria are lost.

4. During the operation process, there is a thick layer of sludge on the surface of the oxidation ditch. The sludge particles with a particle size of about 1mm are yellowish. It often causes a large amount of floating sludge in the secondary settling tank, the sludge returns to white, and the flocs with effluent water flowed out together, and the SV30 rapidly dropped, resulting in a loss of treatment and elimination of accumulated sludge. Repeatedly, ask about the causes and control measures.

Answer: It shows that the sludge has lost its activity and increased ESS. There are two possibilities: First, the sludge itself is oxidized; 

The second is sludge poisoning. from the phenomena you have described, the former is highly likely to be determined by determining the specific oxygen consumption rate, that is, the ratio of the endogenous oxygen consumption rate to the substrate oxygen consumption rate.