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Membrane Bioreactor Sewage Water Algae Cultivation Technology And Its Fouling
- Mar 08, 2018 -

Membrane bioreactor sewage water algae cultivation technology and its fouling

In the membrane photobioreactor, municipal sewage was used to cultivate spirulina, the microalgal biomass, membrane pollutants and membrane cleaning methods were investigated and analyzed for the membrane technology used in microalgae culture system to provide reference.

The experimental results show that continuous culture In the process, the density of algae in the reactor ranged from 1.79 to 2.05 g / L with the yield of 0.10 g / (L · d) and the removal efficiencies of NH_4 ~ + -N and TP were 93.54% ~ 98.97% and 48.37% ~ 66.91, respectively %. Higher algae density, alkaline environment, algae cell debris and the secretion of EOM and other organic matter and inorganic precipitates will cause membrane fouling.

SEM, EEM and EDX results show that the influent membrane surface is mainly composed of algae cells Debris, protein and SMP and other organic matter formed cake layer contamination, the surface of the water film attached to the main Ca-containing inorganic precipitate, part of the membrane pore plugging.Has been pH 2 hydrochloric acid and 200mg / L NaClO solution soak contaminated membrane After 2h, membrane flux recovered 94.29% after washing.

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