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Two Steps Method Ultrafiltration Membrane Separation And Extraction Of Polymalic Acid In Fermentation Broth
- Feb 03, 2018 -

Two steps method ultrafiltration membrane separation and extraction of polymalic acid in fermentation broth

Use two-step ultrafiltration method was used to separate and extract polymalic acid produced by Aureobasidium pullulans.

After removing the microbial cells by centrifugation, the ultrafiltration membrane with a relative molecular mass of 30 000 was used to remove polysaccharides and macromolecular impurities , Followed by interception of the relative molecular mass of 1 000 ultrafiltration membrane to concentrate the feed solution and remove small molecular impurities, concentrated solution was precipitated by organic solvents and freeze-dried to obtain polymalic acid by single factor experiment to optimize the ultrafiltration conditions。

The results showed that the fermentation supernatant after centrifugation was diluted 4 times, the transmembrane pressure difference was 0.075 MPa, the feed pH was controlled at 6, the temperature was 35 ℃, the ultrafiltration membrane was diluted with 30 000 molecular weight ultrafiltration membrane and the molecular weight 1 000 ultrafiltration membrane concentrated 4 times, after methanol precipitation and freeze-drying, PMLA purity reached 82.3%, PMLA extraction yield of 57.56%.