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Research Progress Of Ultrafiltration Membrane Pretreatment And Membrane Pollution
- Feb 06, 2018 -

Research progress of ultrafiltration membrane pretreatment and membrane pollution

Filtration is an important drinking water safety technology, which has a wide application prospect in the drinking water treatment industry.However, the membrane fouling will lead to the increase of operation and maintenance cost of ultrafiltration process, the shortened service life of the membrane and the further promotion of the ultrafiltration process application.

Membrane fouling and pre-membrane pretreatment in order to alleviate the frontier dynamics of membrane fouling research. The mechanism of membrane fouling, membrane fouling mechanism and membrane pretreatment on membrane fouling were analyzed in depth. It is considered that the hydrophilicity of natural water Macromolecular organic matter is the main membrane pollutant, but membrane pretreatment such as coagulation, adsorption and pre-oxidation can not eliminate the membrane fouling caused by hydrophilic macromolecule organic matter, causing the pollution of filter cake layer, the fouling of membrane pores and the membrane pores The study of mechanical factors such as adsorption and fouling of membrane fouling will be an important research direction of membrane fouling mechanism. Pre-membrane pretreatment technology and combination research are carried out to improve the membrane fouling of hydrophilic macromolecules, which is the development of pre-membrane pretreatment research trend.