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Development Trend And Prospect Of Seawater Desalination Polyamide Composite Reverse Osmosis Membrane
- Feb 02, 2018 -

Development trend and prospect of seawater desalination polyamide composite reverse osmosis membrane

Water shortage is one of the problems in the world today.

The technology of seawater desalination, which can transform seawater into human freshwater, has provided an effective way for people to deal with water crisis and has become the focus of all humankind in recent decades. High efficiency, simple operation and other advantages of reverse osmosis membrane desalination technology is far superior to distillation and other thermal desalination technology, has become the mainstream of desalination technology.Polyamide composite reverse osmosis membrane with high flux and salt ion retention Rate, excellent pressure resistance, wide application temperature and pH range, has become the dominant global reverse osmosis membrane.