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Seawater Desalination By Use High Efficiency Nanofiltration - Low Pressure Reverse Osmosis Membrane Integrated Craft
- Jan 31, 2018 -

Seawater desalination by use high efficiency nanofiltration - low pressure reverse osmosis membrane integrated craft

In order to solve the problem that the first-stage desalination rate of the nanofiltration-reverse osmosis desalination (NF-SWRO) process is not high and the second-stage operation pressure is high and the energy consumption is high, a high efficiency nanofiltration-low pressure reverse osmosis membrane(HRNF-LPRO) integrated  technology was applied to seawater desalination and preliminary exploratory experiments were carried out.

The experimental results showed that the HRNF-LPRO integrated process can remove artificial seawater (34 998mg / L) under the operating pressure of 2.6 MPa and 1.4 MPa The desalination seawater was obtained by using 99.84% salt. ROSA simulation showed that total dissolved solids production (TDS) of HRNF-LPRO was 231.17mg / L under the water concentration of 34 967.39mg / L, and the comprehensive energy consumption was 3.264 kW · h / m3.HRNF-LPRO integration process not only reduces the pressure of the second-stage desalination operation, but also reduces equipment requirements, which helps to reduce water production costs.