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Comparison Of Threshold And Limit Fluxes Of Dongjiang Water Treated By Ultrafiltration Membrane
- Jan 29, 2018 -

Comparison of threshold and limit fluxes of Dongjiang water treated by Ultrafiltration Membrane

The selection of ultrafiltration membrane flux is directly related to the operation stability and infrastructure cost of ultrafiltration system.

It is the most important parameter in the design of ultrafiltration system. With the development of membrane technology and the decrease of membrane product prices, low-throughput ultrafiltration systems will find more applications in water treatment. 

However, the concept of various fluxes in existing low-flux systems is numerous and there is no clear concept of low-fluxes that are clearly applicable to ultrafiltration of drinking water. By combined with the raw water and coagulation-sedimentation water of surface water body, the threshold flux and the ultimate flux of the ultrafiltration membrane were measured, and the operation comparison was carried out under the two fluxes, showed that the raw water and submerged water run at the limit flux 5.0L / (m2 · h), the membrane pollution was effectively controlled and the limit flux could achieve long-term stable operation in the dead-end filtration mode

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