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STRO Membrane In Waste Incineration Power Plant To Decreasing Leachate Pilot Study
- Jan 26, 2018 -

STRO membrane in waste Incineration power plant to decreasing leachate pilot study 

Some of waste incineration plant leachate depth treatment system's water recovery rate of 55%, the use of STRO membrane technology conventional reverse osmosis concentrated water reduction pilot. 

The results of the pilot test showed that the water recovery rate of the original system increased to 80% and 89% respectively under operating pressure of 5.5MPa and 7.0MPa.

 The system conductivity removal rate is greater than 97%, CODCr, removal rate greater than 99%, ammonia nitrogen removal rate greater than 90%. The system was operated continuously at a pressure of 5.5 MPa for 40 days. 

After the conventional CIP chemical cleaning with HCl and NaOH, the sTRO membrane had a good flux recovery. STRO system water and conventional reverse osmosis water after mixing as garbage incineration power plant boiler feed water treatment system for water use, reduced after the concentrated water back to the furnace burning furnace. The STRO membrane depth treatment of conventional landfill leachate treatment system has the advantages of good treatment effect, system operation and stable water quality, which is a new way to reduce landfill leachate.