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Modification Technology Of Polyamide Reverse Osmosis Membrane
- Jan 29, 2018 -

Modification  technology of polyamide reverse osmosis membrane

Desalination is currently the most effective way to deal with the global crisis of freshwater resources. 

Due to its high separation efficiency, low energy consumption and simple operation, reverse osmosis membrane technology has gradually become the mainstream technology of desalination. 

Because of its excellent separation performance, polyamide reverse osmosis composite membrane has become the mainstream membrane for seawater desalination by membrane method. However, the mutual restriction between membrane flux and salt ion rejection rate, membrane surface contamination and chlorine oxidation limit its application 3 layers main aspects, so a variety of modification techniques are used to modify it to increase its flux and salt ion rejection, surface contamination resistance and chlorine resistance. Polyamide reverse osmosis composite membrane 3 independent structure of the characteristics of its modification provides a good platform, the surface polyamide active layer, polysulfone sub-layer and non-woven support layer can be adjusted separately to achieve composite membrane structure and separation purpose of performance modification objective