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RisingSun MBR Membrane And SMBR Membrane
- Jan 08, 2018 -

RisingSun MBR membrane and SMBR membrane

MBR is a new wastewater treatment plant that combines ultra- and microfiltration membrane separation technologies with bioreactors in wastewater treatment. This reactor combines the benefits of membrane and bioprocessing technologies. Ultra, microfiltration membrane module as a drowning unit, can completely replace the secondary sedimentation tank. Compared with the traditional process, this membrane and biochemical reactions combine MBR process has obvious advantages. RisingSun MBR can be divided into two kinds of flat and roll (FMBR / SMBR).

1.SUN's MBR membrane uses PVDF materials, which have better chemical stability, stain resistance and mechanical strength. The company uses advanced membrane technology, membrane pore size control in 0.1um, and have a higher production flux and effluent quality. Board with mortise and tenon match, the diaphragm spacing is more stable, without the side plate. Diaphragm installation, can be installed from the top down, can also be installed from the side, not subject to construction site conditions.

Laser-engraved diamond-shaped flow channel, with a dedicated umbrella-shaped support structure, the suction pressure distribution, without diversion cloth to reduce the risk of fouling, large board dual outlet design, so that the water collection faster.

2.SMBR is a submerged, truly backwashable membrane suitable for industrial wastewater and process water applications. SMBR is an innovative product that adds aeration scrub to the traditional roll film, backwashing to provide pressure and flow through the liquid side. Its greatest advantage is that it is not necessary to provide high energy-consuming pressure and flow at the supply side, but only to provide suction energy at the corresponding capacity through the liquid side. At the same time, it can backwash with the hollow fiber membrane at the same backwash frequency.


Adopt aeration to reduce the accumulation of solids on the membrane surface

Non-interference flow channels require low pretreatment

Immersion, pipeline can be, covers an area of less.

Can be frequently backwashing

Equipment investment and low energy consumption