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E-coat UF Membrane Element In The Electrophoresis Ultrafiltration System Application
- Jan 09, 2018 -

E-coat UF membrane element in the electrophoresis ultrafiltration system application

1, Recycling electrophoretic paint rinsed down the surface of the workpiece, recycling the electrophoretic paint after recycling, enabling enterprises to save 30% of electrophoretic paint purchase costs, while avoiding the paint pollution caused by the discharge of waste water.

2, the production of ultrafiltration water electrophoresis tank can be used as the workpiece flushing water.

3, through the appropriate discharge of ultrafiltrate, remove the production process into the electrophoretic paint tank in a variety of ions, stable electrophoretic paint working fluid.


> High quality film material, high chemical stability

> Available in various sizes of membrane elements

> Provide fiberglass, mesh format, flange seal, shell film integration

> For the cathode, anodic electrophoresis can provide the corresponding positive and negative membrane elements


> Car manufacturing

> Home appliances

> Other industrial electrophoretic coating system