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Electrophoretic Paint Ultrafiltration Maintenance
- Jan 10, 2018 -

Electrophoretic paint ultrafiltration maintenance

First, the norms

Ultrafiltration through the liquid into the paint and the reflux ratio of 1: 20 ~ 40 Maximum operating pressure 0.18Mpa Normal operating pressure 0.13Mpa Maximum membrane pressure 0.30Mpa Maximum operating temperature <40 degrees Celsius

Second, the operation precautions

a) As soon as the UF unit is activated, the number of downtime (pump) should be minimized. The membrane module should be cleaned for each shutdown (pump).

b) Try to avoid the system running at low flow of paint liquid (the system will be in low flow operation when the bypass valve is opened or the circulating pump is stopped). In case of rapid decline in water production.

c) Note: All valves in the ultrafiltration unit must be operated slowly to prevent damage to the UF membrane element due to pressure oscillations.

d) The new ultrafiltration membrane should be drained before using the protective film in the tube, and clean the membrane tube with water to remove the protective membrane solution.

e) Do not allow the film to dry, such as a long time do not make the film dry, you must use 10% to 60% alcohol for soaking.

f) Prohibition: Never turn off the pump outlet valve when the UF circulating pump is on.