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RisingSun DTRO Membrane Advantages
- Jan 18, 2018 -

RisingSun DTRO membrane advantages

RisingSun disc tube membrane modules include: DTRO diaphragm, deflector, SUS center rod, high pressure vessels, water pipes and accessories. The filter membrane and the deflector stacked together with the center rod and cover flange fixed, and then placed in the pressure housing, the formation of a disc-type membrane module

Filter principle

The liquid passes through the gap between the membrane stack and the housing and enters the bottom deflector through the diversion channel. The liquid to be treated flows rapidly through the filter membrane at the shortest distance and then reverses 180º to the other membrane surface, The next membrane was filtered to form a tangential flow filtration on the membrane surface from the circumference of the baffle to the center of the circle to the circumference and then to the center of the circle. The concentrate finally flowed out of the inlet end flange. Liquid feed through the filter membrane at the same time, through the center of the liquid collection tube continuously discharged. The concentrate is separated from the permeate by the O-ring mounted on the diffuser.

Technical characteristics

• Avoid physical blockage

The DT module adopts an open runner design, and the liquid material has an effective runner width to avoid physical blockage.

• Minimal scaling and contamination

Using the baffle plate with bump support, the material liquid forms a turbulent state in the filtration process, minimizing the generation of scaling, pollution and concentration polarization on the membrane surface, allowing high-pollution water sources with SDI value of up to 20 , There is still no risk of contamination.

Long membrane life

The DT membrane module can effectively reduce membrane fouling, reduce membrane fouling and prolong the cleaning cycle. At the same time, the special structure and hydraulic design of DT make the membrane group easy to clean and the flux recovery is very good after cleaning, thus prolonging the life of the membrane. Practice shows that, even in the direct treatment of exudate stock solution, DT membrane life can be up to three years or more, which is not achievable with typical membrane treatment systems.

• The components are easy to maintain

DT membrane module adopts standardized design, the components are easy to disassemble and maintain. DT module can be easily checked and maintained for any piece of filter membrane and other components. The maintenance is simple. When the number of components is not enough, the module allows to install less diaphragms and deflectors Does not affect the use of DT membrane components, all of these maintenance work can be done on site.

• Filter membrane replacement costs low

Any single part inside the DT assembly is allowed to be replaced individually. The filter part is assembled by multiple filter diaphragms and diversion plates. When the filter diaphragms need to be replaced, single replacement can be carried out. The membrane with good filtration performance can still be used continuously, which minimizes the cost of membrane exchange.