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Dye-enriched Desalting Membrane Separation Process Dye-concentrated Desalting Membrane Separation Process
- May 21, 2018 -

Dye-enriched desalting membrane separation process Dye-concentrated desalting membrane separation process

Dye-enriched desalting membrane separation process Dye-concentrated desalting membrane separation process: Material → Filter → Material Tank → Transfer Pump → Filter → High Pressure Pump → Nanofiltration Membrane System → Material Tank

In synthetic dyes, due to the complexity of the organic reactions, in addition to the finished dyes, there are many dye isomers, homologues and incompletely reacted raw and auxiliary materials in the synthetic slurry. How to separate and remove the inorganic salt and the secondary dye while concentrating and refining the coarse slurry. It has been a hot spot for the dye industry. Because the presence of inorganic salts not only affects the stability of the dye, but also reduces the color strength and color fastness of the dye, while the presence of the secondary dye affects the final color of the dye; at the same time, the liquid product, which has a relatively low solids content, is used in spray drying. Energy consumption is too high.

Nanofiltration membranes are functional semipermeable membranes that allow the permeation of solvent molecules or certain low molecular weight solutes or low-valence ions. The surface layer of the film is electrically charged. The appropriate membrane and membrane separation system is selected in the production of the dye. The charge on the surface of the membrane is used. It is characterized by the permissibility of low-grade salts and high selectivity for dyes and other organic polymers. The retention effect has reached the goal of desalting and improving dye quality.