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Mmebrane Development
- May 15, 2018 -

Mmebrane development 

With the development of membrane technology, the quality of membrane materials and membrane modules has been improved and the cost has been significantly reduced. Microfiltration RO membrane technology has also been gradually applied to the advanced treatment of wastewater in industrial water treatment. The microfiltration+reverse osmosis treatment of the refinery wastewater was performed. The experimental results showed that the reduction rate of conductivity reduction was higher than 97%, and the removal rate of CODcr was higher than 95%. It can be used as the circulating cooling water make-up water. Coagulation+sand filtration+microfiltration+reverse osmosis integration technology was used to deeply treat antibiotic pharmaceutical wastewater. Field test results showed that single and suspended matter can be effectively removed, part of CODcr and ammonia nitrogen, most inorganic salts in water, and the effluent water quality meets the cooling supplementary water. The request. The treatment of landfill leachate with the technology of "porous ceramic microfiltration + dish-and-tube reverse osmosis (DTRO)", the CODcr of the effluent quality is less than 25 mg/L, the NH3-H is less than 20 mg/L, and the conductivity is less than 150 μs•cm. Landfill Pollution Control Standards (GB16889-2008). The reverse osmosis technology was applied to the treatment of printing and dyeing wastewater from a certain printing and dyeing plant in Guangdong. The operation results showed that the water quality of the reverse osmosis system was stable and could meet the water quality requirements of the printing and dyeing plants.