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RisingSun's FMBR Membrane
- Mar 26, 2018 -

RisingSun's FMBR membrane

Membrane technology has become more and more important in water treatment, but it is also congenitally deficient. High operating costs, short life, and high energy consumption. Can these congenital problems be resolved? Many companies are working hard for it. The magic of RisingSun's FMBR membrane technology lies in the "F". With this "F", the MBR technology's strengths can be realized and the shortcomings can be compensated.

The key to FMBR is the use of the coexistence of anaerobes, aerobic bacteria, and other types of colonies to combine and highly integrate traditional sewage treatment biochemical-sedimentation-filtration-disinfection-sludge dewatering-sludge disposal. To achieve simultaneous treatment of sewage and organic surplus sludge. The biggest feature of this technology is that no excess sludge is discharged, and all organic sludge is used as a carbon source. Moreover, the effluent can be directly reused, there is basically no secondary pollution problem, which greatly improves the processing efficiency and greatly simplifies the management process.

This is the breakthrough of FMBR's practicality in traditional sewage treatment technology, which can achieve environmental friendliness and management popularity. Due to its high level of integration, it occupies only one-fifth or one-tenth of the traditional process, and the investment is only 40% of the traditional facilities. Due to the low construction and operating costs, FMBR is particularly suitable for contiguous remediation of towns, rural areas, township sewage treatment, and lake and river basin pollution control.