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MBR Process With A/O, A2/O Process Characteristics
- Aug 15, 2018 -

MBR process with A/O, A2/O process characteristics

1) High removal rate of pollutants, strong ability to resist sludge expansion, stable and reliable effluent quality, no suspended matter in effluent;

2) The membrane bioreactor realizes the separate control of the reactor sludge age STR and the hydraulic retention time HRT, so the design and operation thereof are greatly simplified;

3) The mechanical retention of the membrane avoids the loss of microorganisms, and the high sludge concentration can be maintained in the bioreactor, thereby increasing the volumetric load, reducing the sludge load, and having a strong impact resistance;

4) Due to the long SRT, the bioreactor plays the role of “sludge nitrification tank”, which significantly reduces sludge production, low residual sludge production and low sludge treatment costs;

5) The SRT is prolonged due to the interception of the membrane, creating microorganisms that are prone to slow proliferation. For example, the environment in which nitrifying bacteria grow can improve the nitrification ability of the system, and at the same time, it is beneficial to improve the treatment efficiency of the refractory macromolecular organic matter and promote its complete decomposition;

6) The activated sludge in the MBR aeration tank will not be lost with the water. During the operation, the activated sludge will change due to the change of the concentration of the organic matter entering, and achieve a dynamic balance, which makes the system effluent stable and impact resistant. Characteristics of the load;

7) The larger hydraulic circulation leads to the uniform mixing of the sewage, so that the activated sludge has good dispersibility and greatly increases the specific surface area of the activated sludge. The high dispersion of activated sludge in the MBR system is another reason for improving the effectiveness of water treatment. This is difficult to compare with the formation of larger bacterial micelles by common biochemical water treatment technology;

8) The membrane bioreactor is easy to integrate, easy to realize automatic control, and convenient for operation and management;

9) The MBR process omits the second settling tank and reduces the floor space.