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What Is Membrane Separation
- Aug 16, 2018 -

What is membrane separation? What is the driving force behind the membrane separation process?

The untreated water is actually a mixture, and the mixture can be separated due to differences in physical or chemical properties between them. We are using these differences to separate them. Substances of identical nature are called elements and compounds, and elements and compounds cannot be separated. The closer the properties are, the more difficult it is to separate, and vice versa. Membrane separation is a new separation method that uses a specially manufactured film with selective permeability to separate, purify and concentrate the mixture under external force. Such a film must have the property that the substance used can pass and some substances cannot pass. The membrane can be a solid phase, a liquid phase or a gas phase. Most of the separation membranes currently in use are solid phase membranes.

The ability of a substance to pass through a separation membrane can be divided into two categories: a flow of matter from a low position to a high position by means of external energy, and a flow of a substance from a high position to a low position by a chemical potential difference.