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Nanofiltration Membrane Separation And Concentration Experimental Equipment Features
- Aug 22, 2018 -

Nanofiltration membrane separation and concentration experimental equipment features

1. The power component adopts imported plunger diaphragm pump, which has the advantages of high pressure, high efficiency, corrosion resistance, high sanitary level and strong self-priming ability. And with variable frequency control, the flow can be precisely adjusted.

2. The overall structure is compact, the operation is simple, the stability is good, the appearance is beautiful, and the running volume is small. The stand and mainframe are made of stainless steel or spray-coated steel, and can be equipped with stainless steel tanks and heat exchange systems.

3, the system high-pressure pipelines are made of stainless steel tube and Teflon metal braided hose, high pressure and corrosion resistance. The connection adopts sanitary ferrule type quick connector, which has high pressure resistance and convenient and reliable connection.

4, the system multi-channel security protection, let you operate more safe and secure: frequency control function, not only can accurately control the flow, reduce energy loss, while avoiding impact on the membrane module when starting; pressure protection device can automatically open when the pressure is too high Pressure relief valve; safety filter device to avoid system damage caused by the introduction of solid particles.