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Application Of Membrane Separation Technology In Oil Processing
- Aug 09, 2018 -

Application of membrane separation technology in oil processing

The application of ultrafiltration technology to the degumming and gelling process of oil can combine degumming and decolorization into one, eliminating many processes in the traditional process, and greatly increasing the yield of oil. It can also reduce the amount of bleached clay and the cost of treating waste clay, and reduce the loss of neutral oil absorbed by bleached clay. Another advantage of membrane separation is that it can facilitate the deacidification of oil using physical refining process, while physical refining has the following advantages over conventional alkali refining: equipment investment is 22% lower, steam consumption is 28% lower, cooling water consumption is 7%, process The supplementary water is 85% lower, the wastewater treatment is 65% lower, the power consumption is 62% lower, and the refining loss is 60% lower.

In addition, in the processing of grease by-products, the membrane separation technology is used to directly prepare phospholipids from vegetable oils, which not only eliminates the use of degumming water and centrifuges in the refining process, but also saves the investment of a large rotating thin film evaporator. Product quality can be comparable to products made by traditional methods. From this point of view, the membrane separation technology applied to the oil and fat industry has great potential for simplifying the process, saving energy consumption, and reducing losses. Although membrane separation technology is exciting and fascinating in the field of grain, oil and food, if membrane separation technology is especially mature, it can be used in industrial production. Several problems: (1) concentration factor; (2) concentration polarization factor; (3) other small particles in the feed liquid in actual production. Only by thoroughly solving these problems can the membrane separation technology be better applied to production, and to promote the technological content of the products and promote the upgrading of China's grain, oil and food products.