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MBR Membrane Module Technical Advantages
- Aug 15, 2018 -

MBR membrane module technical advantages

High MLSS and microfiltration membrane filtration, the effluent water quality is stable and high quality. Under high volume load, the residence time is short, the MBR process is simpler than the traditional system, and the floor space is reduced to completely replace the sedimentation tank and the sand filter unit. The floor space is 30% less than the traditional method, and there is no sludge sedimentation problem.

The concentration of MLSS in the reaction tank can reach above 10000mg/L, and it has strong resistance to load and impact, and effectively treats high concentration organic wastewater. Under the filtration of microfiltration membrane, the separation effect is much better than that of traditional sedimentation tanks and sand filtration treatment units. The effluent water quality is stable and stable, and the suspended solids and turbidity are low. Generally, the low-pollution municipal wastewater can be directly used as a waterway after being treated. Use water or on-site resources to recycle water. It is beneficial to the interception, growth and reproduction of slow-proliferating nitrifying bacteria, the nitrification efficiency of the system is improved, and the A/O reaction has the function of high-efficiency nitrogen removal. The A/O and A2O methods can effectively remove ammonia nitrogen and phosphorus, especially for water quality. Used in the control area. Microfiltration membranes can remove most bacteria and other microorganisms, reduce the amount of disinfectant added and obtain safe water reuse.

Low energy consumption and low operating and operating costs. The biological interception is in the pool, and the operation of the long SRT high sludge age can be achieved, and the sludge volume is reduced by more than 1/2 under the biological self-solution. The low waste sludge volume is lower than the traditional activated sludge method, the sludge discharge period is long, and the operation flexibility is large. The biofilm tube system is an absolute filtration system and high MLSS, which can easily overcome the variability wastewater. System PLC control design, easy operation and maintenance, automatic control, easy to manage high biological sludge operating concentration; MLSS = 6000 ~ 10000mg / l, can reduce the volume of biological aerobic sludge tank can be closed design, low pollution, low Noise, low odor. Membrane separation greatly improves the treatment efficiency of substances that are difficult to degrade in the macromolecule of sewage. Standard mobile modular design, quick and easy installation, easy to install in stages, suitable for retrofitting old sewage treatment plants, only need to add MBR membrane equipment.