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Anode System Breeding Bacteria Problems
- Jul 26, 2018 -

Anode System Breeding Bacteria Problems

Generally, bacteria don 't breed in lead-containing cathodic electrophoresis paint bath solution (such as KNT821), however, for the anode system, since it is generally neutralized with eutrophic acid such as lactic acid, it is easy to produce bacteria in the wet and hot seasons.The types of bacteria are fungi, molds, etc.The phenomenon is mainly in the presence of flocculent viscous material in the polar liquid, which is easy to attach to the groove wall, the inner surface of the pipe, etc., especially for the inlet and outlet liquid tube of the pole tube and the control valve, due to the influence of diameter change, it is easy to be blocked by bacterial. It is important to note that bacteria also have potential effects on electrode conductance and coating quality. Bacteria have the characteristics of rapid reproduction, and the number of bacteria must be controlled within a certain range. Under normal circumstances, the number of bacteria should be less than 500pics/ml.


 RisingSun Membrane Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer with related patents of tubular anode cells membrane elements ( Anode E-coat Membrane ) for electrophoretic coating system, to meet our customers' expectations, we also provide membrane process design, membrane system consulting and services to help you reduce risk, improve quality and achieve more success in the production process. So if bacterial growth begins in the anode system, please send us sample for testing. According to the bacterial content and the actual situation on the site, the treatment measures for different stages can be adopted.