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Application Of Membrane Separation Technology In Purifying Effective Components Of Traditional Chinese Medicine
- Mar 28, 2018 -

Application of membrane separation technology in purifying effective components of traditional chinese medicine

The methods for extracting and separating active ingredients from traditional Chinese medicines mainly include traditional hydroalcoholic methods, alcohol-water methods, modified gelatin methods, steam distillation methods, and dialysis methods. Among them, the hydro-alcohol method is most commonly used, but it has a long production cycle and a complicated process. High production costs, serious loss of active ingredients, poor stability of finished products, and easy generation of environmental pollution. In recent years, the application of ultrafiltration technology in the modern research of traditional Chinese medicine can partially improve these problems.

Compared with traditional separation and purification methods, ultrafiltration membrane separation technology has its unique advantages in the application of traditional Chinese medicine systems:

1 There is no phase change in the separation process and low energy consumption is particularly suitable for the separation and concentration of heat-sensitive components in traditional Chinese medicines;

2Without using organic solvents, production cycle can be shortened, loss of active ingredients can be reduced, and environmental protection and safe production can be facilitated;

3 Selecting suitable membrane materials can achieve high separation selectivity, and maintain the compatibility of the original prescription to ensure the efficacy of finished preparations.

4 The impurity removal effect is good, which can significantly improve the clarity of liquid preparations such as oral liquids and injections, and prolong the storage time while removing bacteria and pyrogens;

5 It can realize continuous and automatic operation, stable and controllable process parameters, easy coupling with other processes, and meet the requirements of modernization of Chinese medicine production.