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MBR Membrane Technology
- Mar 27, 2018 -

MBR membrane technology

The membrane bioreactor (MBR) process melts the existing technologies in the disciplines of physics, biology, and chemistry into one; the effect of water effluent and small floor space is the highest demand for higher capacity and higher emission standards for wastewater treatment plants. The best choice for more effective removal of nitrogen oxides and phosphates. It is an effective improvement to existing technologies and has unparalleled advantages.

Therefore, the MBR principle greatly enhances the function of the traditional activated sludge process, and has received extensive attention in many fields of water treatment. In the 21st century, the three major scientific leaders in materials, biology, and information wear a new era, and MBR is regarded as one of the world's most promising new technologies for water treatment. The core technology of MBR is not only the development level of membrane materials, but also closely related to the biological treatment of the front end; a good combination of the two will achieve a better treatment effect; and the membrane material itself is the same age, strength, hydrophilicity, resistance The improvement of the pollution capacity, as well as the cost reduction of membrane cost, membrane cleaning frequency, and operating costs, are also issues that need to be solved in the process of use.