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RisingSun's UF Membrane Introduction
- Mar 29, 2018 -

RisingSun's UF membrane introduction

The molecular weight cutoff of the membrane is in the range of 1000-200,000 Daltons. The ultrafiltration membrane can retain large molecular impurities (such as proteins, pigments, polysaccharides, etc.) and pass through the target product; it can retain the target product and pass through the small molecular impurities (inorganic salts). , small molecule pigments, monosaccharides, ash, etc.) and water can also be used to separate target products of different molecular weights, thereby replacing the traditional purification process of activated carbon decolorization, resin impurity removal, and crystal extraction to achieve decolorization, impurity removal, and product classification. .


We provide a variety of materials and molecular weight cut-off membrane ultrafiltration membrane components, its compact structure, reasonable surface area / volume ratio. By using different flow channel networks (13-120 mils), the width of the feed and flow channels can be changed to accommodate various viscosity feeds. In order to meet the application of certain special industries, we can provide acid, alkali, high temperature, anti-pollution film products.



High thermal and chemical stability

Imported raw materials ensure high quality

No dead angle design, not easy to pollute

Simple replacement of membrane modules

Various sizes of membrane elements are available

The membrane core packing density is high, and the unit membrane area cost is low.



 Clarification and Concentration of Fermentation Broth in Pharmaceutical and Biochemical Industries

 Whey protein, gelatin, carrageenan, concentration of chondroitin sulfate

Industrial water pretreatment and purification and sterilization of pure water and drinking water

 Preparation of medical sterile water and water for injection

 Separation and Refining of Chinese Herbal Extracts

Refinement of low spirits, wine clarification and filtration

Oil and water separation

RisingSun, as a first-class membrane separation equipment R&D and production company, applies the membrane separation equipment in the biopharmaceutical separation and purification field, and recycles production methods, effectively helping customers to increase production efficiency. China Keruiyang membrane separation equipment manufacturers, with reasonable price of membrane separation equipment, strong technical strength, to provide users with not only affordable, but also can afford to use more environmentally friendly solutions.