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MBR Membrane Reactor
- Jun 26, 2018 -

MBR membrane reactor

MBR refers to a new type of sewage treatment device that combines ultra- and micro-filtration membrane separation technology with a bioreactor in wastewater treatment. This reactor combines the advantages of membrane and bioprocessing technologies. Super- and micro-filtration membrane modules can be used as hydrophobic separation units to completely replace the secondary sedimentation tank. Compared with the traditional process, this MBR process combining membrane and biochemical reaction has obvious advantages. China Keruiyang MBR is divided into flat MBR and volume MBR.

SUN's flat membranes use PVDF material, which has better chemical stability, pollution resistance and mechanical strength. The company adopts an advanced film making process to control the membrane pore size at 0.1um, and has higher water flux and water quality. The plate is equipped with helium and the diaphragm spacing is more stable without the need for side plates. When the diaphragm is installed, it can be installed from the top down or from the side, regardless of construction site conditions.


Advantages of the product: The quality of the effluent from the MBR is high and it is not affected by fluctuations in the quality of incoming water

          Small footprint

          Longer sludge sludge and less sludge emissions

          Save operating costs

          Easy to change

SMBR membrnae is an immersive, truly reversible roll membrane suitable for industrial and process waters. SMBR is an innovative product that adds aeration scrub to the traditional roll membranes and backwashes pressure and flow from the liquid side. Its greatest advantage is that it does not need to provide high-energy-consuming pressure and flow on the supply side, but only provides suction energy at the permeate side according to the corresponding capacity. At the same time, it can be backwashed with the hollow fiber membrane at the same frequency of backwashing.


Product uniqueness:

           Using aeration to reduce the accumulation of solids on the membrane surface

           No spoiler flow path requires low pretreatment

           Immersion type, pipeline type can be, less floor space.

           Frequent backwashing

           Equipment investment and low energy consumption


Application range:

           Industrial waste water recovery

           Reverse osmosis pretreatment Heavy metal removal

           Landfill leachate pretreatment Process water

           Domestic wastewater recycling