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Design Points Of MBR Aeration Device
- Aug 23, 2018 -

Design points of MBR aeration device

1. The aeration device can be fixed at the bottom of the pool (need to make the membrane module bearing bracket and the membrane assembly slide into the guide rail), or it can be combined with the membrane assembly, each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the position of the aeration tube should be carefully considered. DN20 perforated pipe is used, each diaphragm gap corresponds to one perforated pipe, the perforation size is Φ2.0mm, the perforation spacing is 100mm, the adjacent two pipe perforation positions are interlaced, the holes are single row vertical upward, and there are many double rows and oblique directions. The next practice is not considered by the individual, and the settled sludge will not block the orifice.

2, the amount of aeration is roughly estimated, according to the empirical figures, according to the steam-water ratio of 24:1 (conventional pool depth of 3.5m), the fan exhaust head selection is 0.01Mpa higher than the highest liquid level; the fan outlet is set to deflate Valve, the full opening of the venting pipe can remove 70% of the air volume, and the silencer is installed on the venting port. This device is used to control the DO value in the biochemical tank and protect the fan.

3. Each membrane module is equipped with a separate regulating valve for aeration. At the same time, the oxygenation and aeration of the entire biochemical tank should be separately used as a separate control valve. The microporous oxygen aeration device is used to ensure flexible adjustment of the amount of agitation and charge. The amount of oxygen air.

4. The optimal DO control of the MBR pool is between 2.5 and 5. The normal liquid level is about 3 ppm. When the liquid level is different, the DO will also change. It should not exceed 5.0 ppm for a long time.