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MBR Membrane Module And Hollow Fiber MBR Membrane Module Operation Characteristics [Comparative Study]
- Jun 27, 2018 -

MBR membrane module and hollow fiber MBR membrane module operation characteristics [Comparative study]

Through two sets of parallel running MBR membrane separation unit tests, the operational characteristics of flat membranes and hollow fiber membranes were studied. The main conclusions are as follows:

(1) From the perspective of controlling the rate of rise of TMP and ensuring the production of water, both membrane separation units can operate at a draw-down ratio of 9 min:1 min.

(2) As the bulk density of the flat membrane is smaller than that of the hollow fiber membrane, in order to ensure the flux of the membrane, the aeration intensity of the flat membrane is higher than that of the hollow fiber membrane, resulting in a higher rate of TMP rise.

(3) Under the experimental conditions, the critical fluxes of the two membranes are all in the range of 20-25 L/(m2/h), in which the critical flux of the flat membrane is slightly lower than that of the hollow fiber membrane, and the water permeability is lower at the lower flux. Above the latter, the flat membrane is more suitable for operation at relatively lower throughput.

(4) Within the sludge concentration of 8000 to 15000 mg/L, in order to control the membrane fouling, the flat membrane should be operated with a higher sludge concentration, and the hollow fiber membrane should be operated with a lower sludge concentration.

(5) Taking the municipal wastewater A2/OMBR project with a treatment scale of 10,000 m3/d as an example, the total project investment for the A2/O-FSMBR is calculated to be 42 million yuan, the operating cost is 1.36 yuan/m3, and the total cost is 2.49 Yuan/m3 is 7.7%, 14.3%, and 12.7% higher than A2/O-HFMBR, respectively.